rousillon door block
fleeting moments auction

Rousillon France Door

Beautiful light and brushwork in this week’s auction painting. I used a photo for inspiration, but liberally used my imagination to paint this one. Although the door was one that I saw in Rousillon, France, it’s a typical door you might see throughout Southern France. The colors of the stonework in Rousillon are varied warm […]

2016 may 8 provence france doorway Becky Joy
fleeting moments auction

Avignon France Door

While wandering through town (again, love doing that with no timetable), I came across this door with the shadows. It was the shadows that caught my attention. I was furiously walking through town trying to see as much as possible. It was the end of the day and I had been riding the bus between […]

2016 may 4 venice doorway europe becky joy
fleeting moments auction

Venice, Italy Doorway

10″ x 8″ oil on canvas panel It seems like so long ago since I traveled painting around Europe for 2 1/2 months almost two years ago. A lot has happened since then. I’m starting a collection of European doorways and windows and this is one of them. I spent more time in Venice than […]

Roussillon France painting
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Roussillon France Shadows

8″ x 10″ oil on panel  Click HERE to bid. This week’s painting auction is a scene from Roussillon France. I painted in the town, but had time for only one painting and of course, you have to get as much reference as possible. Roussillon was filled with hundreds of paintings. The shadows really caught […]

desert wash painting
fleeting moments auction

Dry Desert Wash Painting

This week’s auction painting is something from home. The area is just north of me in the Carefree/Cavecreek area outside of Phoenix. I actually painted this yesterday, Sunday at my weekly gig, painting at the Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix. The inspiration was an old photo from about 10 years ago. Who knows, there may […]

grand canyon sunset painting
fleeting moments auction

Canyon Sunset

Another 8″x10″ oil painting on panel. Click HERE to bid on the auction painting I’m sorry I missed an auction last week. I didn’t schedule the post ahead before I came down with the flu. OMG, it was a wicked one, but back on track and back to work. Anyway, this was a painting that evolved […]

name that sunset
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Name That Sunset Contest

OK, another sunset, what do I name it?? Help! I’m running out of names. I decided to have a little contest on my Facebook Business Page this week. Help me name this sunset. Post on my business page a name suggestion. On Friday I will pick a winner. It’s my choice. After all, it’s my […]