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Valentine’s Day Special – Mini Paintings

I recently got on a kick painting some small mini’s (2 1/2″ x 3″ and 3″x3″) of sunsets and skies for Valentine’s Day. Each of the paintings are framed and ready to go. Included with the paintings are chocolate kisses. Now what could be better with your sweetie? Enjoy a sunset and kisses. They are reasonably […]

High Desert Sunset
fleeting moments auction

High Desert Sunset

North of Phoenix is the high desert, nicer weather during the summer, but some snow in the winter. Many people are surprised to learn that much of the Western United States is high desert. The afternoons will often see large billowing clouds in the high desert. The sunsets are often glorious. I composed the scrub […]

clouds oil painting
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Sunset #1

Sunset #1, an inconspicuous name for a WOW painting. I always have trouble with the titles. And besides, I plan on focusing on clouds and skies, including more sunsets for the months of Jan and Feb. I’ve done this before and it really helped me to expand my thoughts and horizons in painting skies. Those […]

italian hills painting

Umbrian Hills, Italy

While teaching and touring at La Romita Art School in Umbria, Italy, I saw a lot of scenes like this one of the rolling Umbrian hills, Italy. To me, it is reminiscent of the Willamette Valley just south of Portland, OR. My family still lives in the region. My sister lived on a farm in the […]

palo verde dance 12x12
fleeting moments auction

Palo Verde Dance

“Palo Verde Dance” 12″ x 12″ on stretched canvas is now up for auction. The bidding has started and will end on Tuesday, Dec 22 at 21:55:18. I had blocked in this painting a few months ago. When I was organizing things in my new studio, I came across this and decided it was one that […]

2015-09-sunset sky painting-becky joy-palm sunset
fleeting moments auction

Palm Sunset

A new auction added to Fleeting Moments,  “Palm Sunset”. We get some spectacular sunsets and cloud formations in Arizona this time of year, the summer monsoons. This one was from my neighborhood. I’ve had a lot of drive-by shots of sunsets this year. It seems that I’m always driving a grandkid at sunset instead of painting. […]