Avignon France Door

While wandering through town (again, love doing that with no timetable), I came across this door with the shadows. It was the shadows that caught my attention. I was furiously walking through town trying to see as much as possible. It was the end of the day and I had been riding the bus between towns. I wasn’t sure if I should stop in Avignon this day because it was a Sunday and there was only one bus left to get me back to Arles where I was staying.

Why not, live a little. So, I was going like crazy to take some photos, after all it was the right time of the day and quiet streets. Whew, after almost running, I made it to the bus and arrived at dusk in Arles.

I’m glad I did it, I got some great photos on this excursion.

I started painting this with the shadows. The shadows were painted in solid and then I painted the light as negative shapes with thicker paint. The colors of many of the building, doors and shutters are in light colors, many in pastels. Blues and greens are the predominant colors of doors and shutters in Provence.

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Avignon France Door


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Original oil painting by Becky Joy.

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