A new auction added to Fleeting Moments,  “Palm Sunset”. We get some spectacular sunsets and cloud formations in Arizona this time of year, the summer monsoons. This one was from my neighborhood. I’ve had a lot of drive-by shots of sunsets this year. It seems that I’m always driving a grandkid […]

Palm Sunset


I’ve been offline for a few days. We had a family crisis here, but things are going OK. Then, my computer would no longer recognize any internet. Without internet it was impossible to conduct business. So, I was out looking for a computer, the setup etc, etc. I made it […]

New Online Painting Workshops

I will be continuously posting new workshop videos, tutorials and building my website, Painting Workshops Online. Check out the videos at There are free art tips and tutorials offered on the website. Check out my prints now available on Fine Art America. desert canvas prints and desert canvas art […]

My Goal for Workshops New Painting Video