Demo in Scottsdale

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  • November 11, 2016
scottsdale artist league demo

Scottsdale Artists League Painting Demo


The start of the demo. Putting in an abstract design.

Last week I did a painting demo at the Scottsdale Artist League. I intended to put photos on the blog of the progression of the painting. Unfortunately, there is a big gap at the beginning, I was busy painting.

After a rough design of the placement and shape of the tree and ground, I started with the painting of the sky. I used Gamblin’s Radiant Colors on the sky. The first color I put in the sky was the bright yellow, knowing that would be my lightest and brightest color. Every other color related to that one stroke.


I have a quick sketch of the trees and have started to do some negative painting in the tree. I paint the tree solid, then cut into it with negative shapes.


You can see that I worked on the ground here. It’s warmer in the background closer to the sun, darker and cooler in the foreground. The foreground is a lot of brushstrokes without painting perfect, little bushes. If you just have the indication of plants, it will read as plants.



Here’s a little closer view of the tree. Notice that I have started painting branches in the tree. I don’t worry about connecting everything. Just get the overall feel of the tree, paint the branches the way the tree grows.



After getting some of the branches in, I continue with softening edges, putting some lights in the tree and adding more branches. Keep the tree lighter in value, warmer and thinner paint toward the outside edges.




At the end, I put some cools in the tree toward the center as if the the cool reflections of the sky is lighting the tops of some of the branches and on the right side away from the sunlight. There is definitely a cool and warm side to the tree. The warms and cools on the tree give it more of a 3D effect.



It was a good sized crowd at the meeting. Thank you to the members of the Scottsdale Artists League.

I was asked to give another presentation next week at another art club in Goodyear, but this one will be different. I will be speaking about the presentation of art and the process of submitting work to shows for judging and what judges look for.

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Demo in Scottsdale


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