Rousillon France Door

Beautiful light and brushwork in this week’s auction painting. I used a photo for inspiration, but liberally used my imagination to paint this one. Although the door was one that I saw in Rousillon, France, it’s a typical door you might see throughout Southern France. The colors of the stonework in Rousillon are varied warm earthtones with the ochers. The cools from the sky make some beautiful gray-greens in the shadows with the warmer yellows on the sunlit stones.

I was drawn to this scene because of the ochers, but also loved the stone arch and decorative stone above and around the door. . I added the pot of bouganvilla on the side of the door to add a little more variety of color in the painting.

The brushwork and thick paint adds to the look and feel of rough stone.

For $55. you can add a frame to the painting, to have it ready to hang when you receive it. These weekly auctioned paintings have given my supporters a good opportunity to own a painting at a fraction of the retail cost.

rousillon door block

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Just added this morning

Two new workshops added this morning with a new format. I prefer to teach offering a complete package. I want students to go away learning some foundational concepts and to be able to paint on their own. Besides, I had so much information I wanted to give you, so the workshops grew into a workshop that is much like I would teach in person.

So…..I have two workshops in which I offer coaching.

  • Color & Light – A Practical Approach  Starts Sept 14, Early Bird Pricing until Aug 1 – 6 week workshop

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  • Painting Sunsets, Clouds & Skies   Starts Oct 15, Early Bird Pricing until Sept 1 – 6 week workshop

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The workshops are the reason I didn’t get an auction painting up last week. I was so close to getting this project done that I decided to just do it and forget facebook, the auction and almost a personal life. I also finished the free videos which is up on the menu bar and below this post.

So…..back on schedule.


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Rousillon France Door


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