Palo Verde Sunset overlooking distant lights in the desert

palo verde tree painting

Tucson Sunset Painting   8″x10″ oil up for auction starting at $200. To bid, click HERE.

The last few days I have been in Tucson at the 2016 Plein Air Convention. It was great, lots of demos, vendors with products and lots of friends. It feels like one big reunion. I find it soooo inspiring and ready to paint and tackle the world. It feels like a renewal.

I painted this as a demo at the Gamblin booth. The reaction was great. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. There were some great painters there. To name just a few: Bill Anton (I’ve admired him for a long time), Matt Smith (who I have taken a workshop from years ago), Jove Wang (what a treat to watch his method of painting), Kathryn Stats, and Aline Ordman (I’ve wanted to meet her for a long time).

There were lots of facebook friends to put a face to and old friends too. It was a good week painting for me. I really felt like I was back in the game. I really needed this to help start the new year for me.

I have posted (or will be posting) photos that I took during the Plein Air Convention on my blog at Painting Workshops Online.

Here are some of the plein air paintings from this week.

Tucson Arizona desert tree painting

Tucson Palo Verde 8″x10″ oil    (painted behind the El Conquistador Hilton Hotel)

santa catalina state park

Saguaros at Sunset  8″x10″ oil   (painted at Santa Catalina State Park)

Tucson Movie Studio painting

Yellow Building   10″ x 8″ oil   (painted at the Old Tucson Movie Studio)

Talk to you all next week, when I’m back on the regular schedule with the auction on Mondays.


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Palo Verde Sunset overlooking distant lights in the desert


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