A Month of Workshops is Over

A Month of Workshops is Over

Becky Joy

A full class of 16 in Mississippi at Dot Courson’s

From home in Arizona, I first traveled to Fredericksburg, Texas for a plein air workshop which was organized by The Good Art Company which is the gallery that represents me in Fredericksburg. A week before I left for the workshops we decided to have a “studio sale” at the school while I was in town for the workshop. Some paintings sold online before the actual “opening”. It worked out well enough that I think we may try it again next year.

After a few days of visiting my son and his family, I headed out to Dahlonega, GA for another workshop. This was my first trip to Georgia and I think I hit the perfect weekend for fall color. It was wonderful. Below are two of the paintings from the trip. The featured painting was a demo and the two below were painted after the workshop while exploring more of the area.

Georgia barn painting

Second Floor Storage    11″ x 14″    oil

The next workshop was the one in Pontotoc, Mississippi. I had such a great time visiting my friend Dot Courson. We met a few years ago at a plein air event in Gadsden, AL and have kept up our friendship with phone calls. It was so good to spend some time at their house.

Dot and her husband did a fabulous job of organizing the workshop. At each workshop, I gave a copy of my book Create Beautiful Paintings Using Foundational Concepts to each of the students. My workshops follow much of the book and makes it easier for each student to follow the information that I give them and to add to the book. Each of the three days I painted a new demo with something entirely different to teach the students.

Now, I’m back in Austin, Texas visiting my son and his family for a few days before heading home to Arizona. It has been exhausting, fulfilling, and exciting. I met lots of facebook friends, some old friends and lots of new students. Thank you to all of your for an enjoyable and successful trip.

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