Along the Creek Plein air painting

Along the Creek Plein air painting

Becky Joy

I took the looooonnng way home. As I traveled down 101 in CA, I decided I needed to get back to the coast. I went back to Point Lobos, then back to 101. Then I changed my mind again. I just had to go over to Cambria and down to San Luis Obispo. Then, I headed home. I love my little car. I don’t need to worry about the gas prices, especially nice with CA prices.  ?

I got home after dark and haven’t taken a photo of the Point Lobos painting. That will come soon. But, I did take a photo of the Cambria painting. Actually, I stopped in the mountains on the way down to the coast. I loved all the greens and found a small patch of poppies blooming. So, it’s the painting below. I sold this painting before I had a chance to post it.

Along the Creek    5″ x 7″ oil on canvas panel    SOLD

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