Behind the Scenes – I’m Learning Here

Behind the Scenes – I’m Learning Here

Becky Joy

I’ve been working on the business side of my art lately. So, I thought I would pass on a few things I’ve learned and implemented lately.

Automation – to save time and make some things more reliable than me. Starting to post more regularly to youtube – Youtube is owned by google It helps with your seo and it’s a huge search engine.

Adding an autoposter into wordpress – I can post automatically any of my pages, time them and do it with the press of a button.

Working with someone to outsource editing of my videos – wow, what a timesaver that was. Learned how to make annotations (multiple links on the videos to my website) – that should help with the marketing.

Having the video permanently set up by my easel – makes it easier and saves time to start videoing things. Continuing with the auction paintings – just starting some new marketing instead of just facebook. Implementing Facebook ads – two months of success.

New freebies for my signups – a print for the monthly email, a video lesson for the Painting Workshops Online newsletter.

Setting up an online sale coming at the end of this month. – One of 4 a year that I want to have

Starting to make a blurb book – coming out soon.

Making a color workshop for online – this has been a long time coming.

Let me elaborate on some of these points.

I’ve tried to find as many things as possible to automate, blog posts, the auction, facebook posts, social media posting. All of this is old stuff, but I’ve been working harder to complete some actions on my website and to do multiple posts at a time and coordinate things together. I had been using Socialoomph for quite some time, but recently bought the nextscripts pro plugin to put on my website. It will save time in automated posting by just going through my website and clicking the buttons.

I’ve known for a few years how important it is to upload videos to youtube, but just one of those things I never got around to. So, I set up my video camera so that it is permanently installed next to my easel. There shouldn’t be an excuse to not do so now. I have even spent a day recording several in one day to drip out. That saves time.

I went through youtube and verified my websites:,, and

I learned how to annotate and put a clickable link on my youtube videos. That took forever because the directions led me all over the place. I hate that, but it’s done.

I talked to you a little bit about my auction paintings. I started some Facebook ads using boosted posts. I’ve been very happy with them. I make the post knowing that it will be an ad, so I leave the words to a minimum and direct. I have done it for two months now and have increased the likes on my page by just over 1000 now (that’s a by-product of the ads). The stats have gone up on both of my websites and there have been more sales besides just the auction paintings. So, at about $50 a month, I plan to continue the ads and will try some new things after a while.

I have new freebies for email signups on my websites. This I’ve had to tweak and will continue to do so. I’ve got different providers for the sign ups. I have optin-monster which I purchases and added sumo-me. I like them both and have found them both to be successful. Each of them have one signup form that is performing better than the others. On one website the bar at the top of the page works best. On the other it is a popup. I have had to lower the amount of time that the popup appears. There’s a line there that it’s too much and I crossed it. It will take me a while to get this in better shape.

As for the freebies, they are both working very well. I have a poster/print for the monthly newsletter. For this site, I just added a free color mixing video last night. I little glitch in delivery this morning. I hope I have that fixed. At any rate, in less than 24 hours I have added 25 email subscribers. I’ve never had that many so quickly. It may slow down after a bit. I will be sending the link to my email subscribers.

Outsourcing – My first foray into this was last summer, when my website crashed. I had a company in India work on it. They also put the auction on my website. These were tasks that were beyond my ability and too much of a learning curve. So, I decided to try it again. I know how to edit my videos, but it takes too long and is tedious work. I went to Upwork and found someone in Serbia to edit my videos. He made an intro that can give my videos a unified look. It also has given me more time to video for my online workshops and to get them going. With the camera that is installed permanently, I’m videoing my color workshop segments, coming soon.

In December I made my yearly plan which included sales, monthly, weekly and daily tasks. (I’m a list maker and planner, but like many people my follow thru hasn’t always been the greatest) So, I’m trying to find easier ways to get it all done and to outsource some of the work.

I started a blurb book of sunsets months ago (the follow thru, not so good), so I’m picking that up and finishing it.

Why am I doing all this?

I have been tracking my income for the last three years to see where most of it came from. I noticed three years ago that about 30% of my income came from online. It has continued to grow. It is the majority of my income now. It is the only source, besides one gallery that continues to grow for me. I’ve seen other sources start dropping and I’ve had to put far too much time into some sources to make it, that it just doesn’t make sense to continue them. So, it’s work what is building. And, I don’t see the internet going away any time soon.

OK, this has been rather long winded, but may be beneficial to some of you in thoughts for marketing your own work.

Now for the good stuff

Here are two videos that I’ve uploaded to youtube. This is the kind of trailer to get people to sign up for my newsletter to get the free color mixing lesson.


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