Clothing for Outdoor Painting

Clothing for Outdoor Painting

Becky Joy
  1. First and foremost wear clothing that is comfortable for the weather and that you have unrestricted movement in.
  2. Dress in layers for the changes in the weather as you are painting.
  3. Wear a hat so that the sunlight doesn't shine into your eyes.
  4. As a general rule wear clothing that is a medium to darker neutral. Bright clothes will reflect onto the painting distorting the colors.
  5.  Fingerless gloves work well in cold weather.
  6. Wear closed toed shoes, no sandals and long pants if walking into rougher terrain.
  7. Always bring water with you
  8. After you are comfortable with your clothing, remember the insect repellent!

I'd like to tell you about an experience I had one time not paying attention to the color of my shirt. I wore a bright pink shirt out painting. I mixed some paints on my palette and put it on the canvas. It was too warm, so I mixed it again. Still too warm. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the color right. It looked so different on the palette than it did on the canvas.

Then I realized.... I was wearing a pink shirt. The color wasn't reflecting onto the palette so much, but was reflecting onto the canvas making it impossible to mix the proper color. I never did that again! I posted a photo of myself painting with a red sweater on. I would never paint with that sweater on in real life, but it was for a magazine article. It was a winter day and of course I didn't want to pose in some of the clothes that I would normally wear out painting.

At the time I didn't think about how unrealistic that photo was, but then, the general public probably doesn't have a clue. I'll be trying to keep up my posts and tips here on Easel Notes during the Celebration, but it may be difficult at times. Bye for now and happy painting


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