Demo Painting From the Dahlonega, GA Workshop

Demo Painting From the Dahlonega, GA Workshop

Becky Joy

“Georgia Farmhouse”  11×14″   $1000. priced framed, varnished and free shipping

I’ve been on the road A LOT in the last three weeks or so. It started with Denver for a marketing workshop with Alyson Stanfield, very informative and still lots of info to sift through. I was home for about a week, but I also was sick most of that week. OK now, but I didn’t get much done that I wanted to before leaving on my three week workshop trip.

I started with the first workshop in Fredericksburg, TX and visiting my son and his family in Austin. I still have to sift through photos for this location. I wasn’t quite up to par until the workshop. After a couple of days in Austin, I traveled to Mississippi and stayed overnight at my friend Dot Courson’s house.

Then on to Dahlonega, GA for the second workshop. Another great group of people. I love meeting all these facebook friends. It’s wonderful to put faces and names together and actually meet  in person. The featured painting was painted on the second day of the workshop.

We went to an organic farm. You can see by the painting that there was a garden planted here. Since fall has come, not a lot of the garden remains. The house was the original house on the property and has long since been abandoned. Part of the red siding remains and the bare boards are weathered to a cool almost blue color in the shade. It made a great combination with the greens and fall colors, making a colorful painting. I’ll be posting more info about the workshops in the coming days.

Wednesday, I’ll be starting the third workshop in Mississippi at Dot Courson’s.

Talk to you all later.


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