Experimentation and Pushing Myself When Painting

Experimentation and Pushing Myself When Painting

Becky Joy

Experimentation - Beginning Painting

Recently, I received an email asking me several questions about my painting, supplies and process. I thought I would respond by creating a free mini course for beginning painting. To access the course, go HERE to "How to Begin Painting".

Do I push myself when painting to the point of failure? You bet! Do I come home from plein air trips with failures? YES! I can't tell you how many paintings have gone in the garbage. Sometimes I've looked at a pile of paintings and thought "what a waste of materials". But, in actuality, each painting I paint, failed or successful, is a lesson learned. And often, those failed attempts are the most valuable. They can be the path to a new technique, an aha moment, a new creative path or "Now I know, I'll never do that again".

I continually stretch myself trying a new technique, tool or subject matter. I really think continuously stretching myself has enabled me to improve at a rapid rate. It also keeps things interesting. I find that I'm a person, as many creatives are, that likes continuous change.

I've seen artists that 10 years later are painting the same subject matter in the same way. You know those people, they found something that sold and they stayed there, nice and safe. They never improved and often are left behind by their contemporaries. So, stretch yourself, get out of your comfort zone. Try new things. Buy new tools or products. Get your creative juices going. And, be willing to fail.

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