Get the Color Notes in Quickly

Get the Color Notes in Quickly

Becky Joy

Recently I was painting in Sun Valley, Idaho and taking a workshop. I wanted to show you this quick plein air study. It was about a 1/2 hour sketch at 6:30 in the morning,. Needless to say, the light changes very quickly at that time and late in the afternoon towards dusk. So, often times a 1/2 hour is about all you have to work with. The drawing isn’t quite right and I would change the composition from what I have here.

But, the object of this painting was to capture enough information so that I could paint a studio piece from it. Notice that the sky isn’t finished and it’s all just a rough sketch. I took a photo to see a little more detail if I want, but it really wouldn’t be necessary. I will redesign the painting and the shape of the pond will be changed from what it was. It was the colors and the feeling of early morning light that I was after.

In fact with this sketch, I have enough information to paint more than one painting. I can recompose and change this, but still have that light and colors. Just a thought for you on how to tackle such fleeting light. I’ve also told students when they start painting to just go after the color and light to begin with. Those are the things that are not captured by the camera. I’m on the road now and posting will be intermittent and so has the internet been for me.

Talk to you all when I can. Painting With Joy.


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