Have You Been Sitting on the Fence About Facebook Ads?

Have You Been Sitting on the Fence About Facebook Ads?

Becky Joy

I added this graphic 3 days after this post. I added the FB ad on June 7 in the afternoon. You can clearly see what has happened to my email signups in almost 7 full days. The FB add shows about double this number because they count those that click the ad. Convertkit is the actual number of those signing up.

You should jump in and give it a try. I told you a little before about doing some facebook ads. I started with boosted posts and did them for about 4 months. I was spending $12 to $15 dollars each week. First, I made a post on my business page knowing that I would use it as a boosted post. Each week I would post my auction painting, then pin it to the top of my business page and lastly, make it a boosted post. I was happy with the results. My facebook likes on my business page have increased by over 1,000 in 4 months and I sold most of my auction paintings. Some buyers were clients and followers, but I did see some new names in there. I’m really not sure if they were from the boosted posts or not. But as I see it, an increase in facebook fans will result in more sales and of course, that is the ultimate goal in using social media for me. I also increased my collection of emails averaging about 2 a day.

Four days ago I started a new campaign. I thought it out more this time knowing that this would cost me more money and wanted to make sure it was worth it. Well, it has been wildly successful. Let me tell you a little about this.

First of all, I thought about what my goal would be. I want to sell a workshop, Color & Light, A Practical Approach. Now I know that the likelihood that I would sell a $400. workshop to someone that knows nothing about me is pretty unlikely. So, I thought the best thing would be to offer something for their email. You know, all those marketing classes tell us “get the email”. And a lot of artists have something on their website that they offer with an email signup. I’ve done it for years. But this time I used Facebook Ads.

While making the ad, I looked at “proven” headlines. Several marketing blogs have their lists. One of the headlines is “how to…..” Then, continue the ad with presenting a problem your market has and then offer a solution. I thought this through and knew that many of my students get frustrated with mixing their colors and to some extent it’s a guessing game. So, I knew that I had the solution to this. I’ve taught it many times. Click HERE to view the signup which is the same as the ad. As you read it, you’ll notice the problem is the headache of mixing colors and I presented a solution with the video that I offer. I also made the sign up form as a landing page which gave no other offers to people, another suggestion that I’ve read about. I have something very valuable in this scenario and that is the email of potential clients. but they most likely have to get to know me before they will buy. Online is the same as in person. I’m hoping that the new people will see something of value to them here on the blog and that some will purchase a workshop or even go over to my website to see my paintings. I do know that I will lose some of the signups, they will unsubscribe, which does happen. Heck, I’ve done it before. Not everyone is in a position or wants to buy and that’s OK.

Anyway, let me tell you the results, so far. This campaign will cost about $150 for the month. This is the fourth day and right now I’m looking at the results and it is 88 signups and a conversion rate hovering around 50%, which is a good rate. It’s very likely that I will collect over 100 by the time the day is over. I was astounded by the results.

Now, collecting the emails is just the start. What to do with them, that is going to be the real test. I have a well thought out campaign that I will tell you about later and update you on the Facebook ad and collection of emails at the end of the month to tell you how successful this has been or not.

The only way to find out is if it works is to try it, but do your homework. Experiment, learn and enjoy the journey. signature transparent Related Posts:

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