How to Create Color Harmony in Painting

How to Create Color Harmony in Painting

Becky Joy

Color Harmony in Painting

Color creates a mood and unified our paintings. Often an artist will look at their art and feel that a color is missing to achieve color harmony in painting. Adding a color may actually make the painting less unified. Instead, think about neutralizing or graying the color.

There are four ways to do this:

Add black to the color Black will quickly gray a color, but if it overdone throughout a painting, it can render the painting very flat and boring looking.

Add white to the color White “kills” color, as the saying goes. It will dull a color, but is often appropriate with light valued colors.

Add the the complement to the color Adding the complement is a great way to gray or dull a color. It's possible to have grays that range from pure gray to colors being semi-neutrals.

Add a near complement to the color This works well as a way of creating a semi-neutral that has a bias in one direction or another.

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