Lake Pleasant Plein Air & Harmony, CA

Lake Pleasant Plein Air & Harmony, CA

Becky Joy

I went out to at Lake Pleasant yesterday for painting. The painting part was easy. I’ve spent the rest of today working on my tablet, not easy. I don’t want to be lugging my computer around Europe. So, I’m making sure I can do what i want with the laptop. I have some cloud space in which to store videos and paintings. Then the amount will be unlimited.

I needed to figure out how to move videos and photos from an sd card into the cloud storage. Got that after maneuvering through my tablet. Then to edit and size the photo. check. All the connections I’ll need and the sd card reader. Check. I’m not sure how many actual posts I’ll be making. That seems to take me quite a while.

One thing I couldn’t figure out was how to hyperlink a word. I tried by highlighting, but that only got me as far as copy or paste. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that job.

I’ve fallen behind lately on the painting and posting. I do have a few from CA that I had forgotten to post. This is one of them from the town of Harmony, CA along the 101. I’ve painted an old truck here a few years ago. The truck is still there, but the lighting wasn’t good.

So, I turned to this house with the white picket fence. I’ve been busy lately putting my home on the market and searching for something to rent. I decided I needed to have a lot of this settled before leaving for Europe. I intended to put the house on the market earlier, but time slipped by me. So, busy packing, house hunting and running errands to finish getting ready to leave for my trip. Getting organized.

Talk to you all later. Becky

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