Life as an Observer

Life as an Observer

Becky Joy

Sounds like an artist doesn't it? Life as an observer.

About 15 years ago or so I started going through a "bad patch" in my life. ("Bad Patch", I had never heard that description until a friend told me about a family member always saying that for any bad incident in her life. For some reason it stuck with me.)

Anyway, as usual, I start getting off my subject. Hmmmm.....sounds like an artist too..... Well, when I went through this "bad patch", I went to a councelor to find the solution to all my life problems. I went for several weeks or maybe months.

Then, the last day that I went. He told me that I had been going through life as an observer as if it was a problem. It always struck me as an odd statement. So.... what's wrong with that? I am an observer, I think that's what artists do. I look upon it as a gift.

I believe most artists do, they see much more than the average person. When I'm in the car I'm constantly looking at the landscape and the sky. I have tons of "drive-by-shots" (wish that didn't have such bad connotations now days).

As I pass old houses or cars, my mind will wander and soon I'm making up stories of people's past lives and how they lived in those houses. In fact when I travel on painting trips, I will often drive into neighborhoods. My mind wanders, I observe, watch people, look at their yards.

And, sometimes I find interesting things I want to paint. I know that I see things that others pass over. Is that such a bad way to go through life? I observe color and color changes. It's part of how I've learned to paint. I observe times of day. Light fascinates me. I observe flowers and plants.

I'm in awe of creation. I observe peoples reactions to events and others. It's part of their life story I observe old objects. I like history. I observe the landscape. It's incredible. I observe. What's wrong with that? I'm an artist. I have the gift to observe.

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