Paint a Better Sunset by Learning to See

Paint a Better Sunset by Learning to See

Becky Joy

Learn to paint a sunset

Do you want your painting to sing with excitement, to glow, to be colorful? Then you need to subscribe to the color theory of using more gray in your paintings. Learn to paint a sunset You've seen the paintings of sunsets using all bright colors, but if you used grays in that same painting, the sunset would glow and appear even brighter. When you use too many bright colors, your eyes move around from one color to the next. Each  color competes with the other, nothing standing out, shining above the rest. Now before you paint a sunset,

I want you to look at a sunset. Really look at it. Squint. See the grays? In reality, most of the sky is gray. The colors in the sky become more pure, brighter and warmer in color and value the closer you get to the source of light, the sun. Conversely, The sky becomes darker, grayer and cooler as you move away from the sun. Next time you are out there look, really look. Those gray colors in the sky will make the bright, pure colors sing and glow with excitement.

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