Painting in Progress

Painting in Progress

Becky Joy

painting in progress painting in progress 2 painting in progress 3

I wanted to post some photos of this studio painting in progress. I get involved painting and forget to take photos in between, so there aren't a lot of them. And, I'm not done yet. Some more work has to be done on the figures and small nuances with edges.

Looking at the final photo here, I see that the shadow from the chair on the right is a little too strong. My eye immediately goes to that area and I don't want the viewer stopping there. I just wanted to tell you a little tip about edges.

I found that edges were very confusing, never knowing when to soften an edge and when to have a hard edge. One rule that is easy to remember is that if you don't want the viewer to stop or notice something, soften the edge.

If something becomes more important than what you want it to be, then soften the edge. That may be all that a painting needs if the viewer if looking at something other than what you want as your focal point. Hard edges garner attention. Soft edges make something disappear. Hope that tip helps you.

This painting is a 30" x 40" oil from a scene in Arles, France. My last step was getting the figures on the right into the painting. Just a little more tweaking to go. Talk to you all later.


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