Painting in Venice Italy

Painting in Venice Italy

Becky Joy

I’m getting a lot of painting time in now. I found myself being more of a tourist in Siena and Florence. I had to hit the museums and view all the architecture from my old art history books. I’m spending a little more time in Venice, so its been much easier to paint and to be a tourist.  

Ive also had a difficult time getting to posting with a tablet, not so easy. The newsletter, forget it. Thats just not happening.

Anyway, today was a good painting day with three done. The first one was painted along the Grande Canal. I found a quiet corner to hide in. I needed a quiet time after being in San Marcos Square. I did have an audience the whole time with a grandmother taking the baby out in the buggy. She needed a quiet place too, to let the baby sleep.

Next, I got on the vaparetto until I felt like getting off and I got hungry. I walked a ways, saw this house and loved the shades of green on it. But, I was still hungry. So I came back to it after lunch. The whole time I was painting, two elderly men were discussing Obama. I have no idea if it was good or bad.

Green House at Rio Santa Margherita, Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy 6×8 oil on panel

The last painting was stopping on the way back to the place im staying. The geraniums caught my eye when I looked down an alley. Im hoping to post a little more from this trip, but I have to admit, it takes me twice as long on the tablet. Anyway, I will post, just dont hold your breath waiting too soon. I want to paint.


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