Reflection Plein Air oil painting in Carmel

Reflection Plein Air oil painting in Carmel

Becky Joy

I’ve been at the Plein Air Convention in the Carmel/Monterrey area. I’ve been VERY busy going to demos, looking at products (& buying), visiting friends, meeting new ones, dinners and lunches and some painting.

Hopefully, tomorrow is filled with painting time. I’m happy with what I’ve painted so far, but it has been less than the usual. And, I have to tell you. The first day out on the 7th (when I was going to start my 60 paintings), I was ill-prepared to be painting. I forgot to add a new tube of white paint in my pack. I tried to use light colored paints with my mixtures, but it was ultimately a scraper.

I’ve painted two paintings on Museum mat board coated with shellac. It’s a smooth surface and surprising I liked painting with it. Two painting were on double primed linen panels. This is the first time that I have painted a 5×7 painting. That was a challenge and took much longer than I expected.

So, not much experimenting yet. After leaving Carmel, I will be going to a friend’s in Redwood City for some more painting. I should be able to get more done at that time.

Talk to you all later.


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