Sunset Clouds Between the Storms Oil Painting

Sunset Clouds Between the Storms Oil Painting

Becky Joy

This week's auction 

OK, so I thought more about the title this time, at least its not Sunset #2. But, no promises for next week.

If you live in Phoenix or have been following the weather, you will probably know that we've had a lot of rain, 4 straight days. That certainly isn't the norm for the desert.

As I was painting this painting, I was looking out the back patio door watching the light dancing across the clouds between the storms. The clouds were ominous looking in some directions, but obviously a little less so in the west. At least thin enough clouds to let some light through at sunset.

Obviously, I didn't paint exactly what I saw. The clouds move too fast for me. What I was looking for was the essence of what I saw, the feeling of the light on the clouds. The feeling, the essence, is always what I'm after. It doesn't interest me so much to paint a replica of what I see.

The painting, "Sunset Clouds Between the Storms", is the painting from my series of cloud and sky paintings that I'm posting on my auction for this week. So, check out the auction, make a bid and steal a painting at a fantastic price. We both win on the auctions. I've sold a painting and you have the opportunity to own one of my paintings sometimes at a quarter of the retail price.

"Sunset Clouds Between the Storms" 9" x 12" oil (retail price $800 without the frame).Sold

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