Sunset Oil Painting - Day 2

Sunset Oil Painting - Day 2

Becky Joy

I struggled most of the day today. It was just at the end of the day that I felt I got into the "zone".

I started the day with assessing where I was with the painting. I knew I needed to tackle some of the values that weren't right. And, some of the spacing of the clouds was repetitive.

The painting had too many horizontal lines in it and I felt it needed to be broken up. So, I added a diagonal cloud overlapping the horizontal one. Then, I thought it was too heavy. It need some air in it. It was too solid. It looked like a spaceship.

I added the light on the underside of the cloud. Still looks like a spaceship.

Then, I started breaking it up. I added more sky into the cloud and lighted parts of the cloud so that it appeared to have some air going through it. Much better. The final punch was the lightest colors hitting the tops of the clouds and small bits in the sky. And, the light of the sun.

The foreground was kept very low with a road leading into the distance. The paint is very loose and thick to thin with some scratching out in it. That part is always fun for me to paint. Playing in the paint!

In the end, I'm happy with it. There were just a lot of changes during the journey.

Talk later. Another sunset tomorrow.


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