The Second Annual Plein Air Convention

The Second Annual Plein Air Convention

Becky Joy

The day before the official start of the convention, a day was added to have a Basics Course and a forum for Event Organizers. I gave the first presentation of the convention, talking about plein air equipment and supplies. (The next post will be about my presentation).  With mine over, I could sit back and enjoy the rest of the convention.

After Eric Rhoads opened the convention on Wednesday, Joe Paquet gave a talk on authenticity. I've taken two workshops from Joe, he is a man that loves words and thinks about things. His talk was very good.

I spoke to Joe after his presentation telling him my story of taking time off of shows and selling for two years. He spoke about improving your art and believing in your direction. This was my intent. I downloaded a letter to artists written by Joe about our changing economy and belief in ourselves. Click here to view the letter. Jean Stern of the Irvine Art Museum gave a slide lecture about the life and art of Franz Bischoff. I didn't realize that he was better known for his porcelain work, beautiful. It was also interesting to see the progression from porcelain painting to oil painting.

One of the demos that I was surprised with was Michael Godfrey's. He used such a small brush. His painting was half finished when he came to the stage. so he may have blocked it in with a bigger brush. But he did use a small brush a lot. That would drive me crazy, but love the results in his work.

Kathryn Stats work is always a treat to see. She brought, I think it was three paintings of the same view. She felt the lighting in one was right on, so she recomposed and used that painting for her bigger work. It was the start of a beautiful painting.

I was really impressed with Don Demers ocean painting. Even though I'm not much of an ocean painter, I'm considering a workshop from him. He has the ability to show movement and depth in his work with small nuances in color differences. His quick painting was impressive.

Ken Auster's HUGE painting was even better than last year. He is a showman and fun to watch. I didn't make it up early enough for the marketing classes. We had a house full of 6 women, which kept us all up nights talking.

I talked to Ed Terpening about his social media marketing class. He posted his notes on his blog which I found very informative. To view the notes click here.

Of course, Jill Carver's and Ray Robert's demo paintings were great. I'm familiar with both of their work. Ray was the first artist I studied with about 12 years ago. I was trying to move from detailed paintings to looser and larger shapes. His compositions are very strong.

Mian Situ received a standing ovation after speaking to the audience about his life and slides of his awesome work. Incredible work. Then the show closed at 1 pm with bagpipes. Then it was out to the field for plein air painting on the beach at Asilomar. I painted my demo painting out of the wind behind the dunes.

Since I knew I would be in Carmel for a week or so, I didn't feel the need to rush out there and paint the ocean. That came later on a calm, windless day. "Asilomar Tree"  11"x14"  oil On Sunday we all went to the paint out at the Monterey Wharf. I painted on each side of the wharf morning and afternoon. "Wharf Shadows"  11x14" oil "Monterey Wharf"  14"x11" oil

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