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8" x 10" oil on canvas panel

I painted this one during my trip to Whiskeytown Recreation Area by Shasta Lake in Northern CA with my friend, Hai-Ou Hou. Now, if you don't know Hai-Ou, she's crazy fun to be on a trip with. She flew into Vegas from Baltimore. I picked her up and we were on our road trip. Hai-Ou offered to do all the cooking since she eats Chinese. I was fine with that. I like Chinese and any time someone wants to do all the cooking I'm great with that.

It was another hot day, so we searched for water to spend our time. I found a nice little spot along Brandywine Creek. I was basically part way in the water. It was great, especially after I put the bug spray on.

The colors in this painting are very subtle earth colors. I like the delicateness of the piece. The painting is priced unframed, but you can add a frame for an additional price.

Brandywine Creek framed oil painting